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Set up a corporate-wide Data Center of Excellence (CoE)


How to set up a new Data Center of Excellence (CoE) to cover and scale all global data initiatives and bring tangible business impact and company value creation (Private Equity context)


Data Platform Architect, Senior Data Scientists/Engineers, Product Managers, Team Lead


Collaboration started with clear definitions of the key roles allowing a perfect match of the different functions, scaling the data teams globally in key locations Spain, Belgium, Austria and finally supporting Chief Products Officer’s vision

I worked with Uman Partners on several key positions and can only recommend their services to any company seeking top talent in the analytics field. Their expertise goes far beyond simply finding qualified candidates. From the outset, Uman Partners demonstrated a deep desire to understand Alpega's business and company structure. They took the time to grasp our reporting lines and team dynamics, ensuring a seamless fit for the new hire. Furthermore, they displayed an exceptional ability to understand our current team situation and challenges related to the ongoing projects. They actively listened to our growth plans and future needs as we were aiming to build an Analytics Center of Excellence, tailoring the search to find someone who could contribute immediately and grow alongside our expanding team. Their reach extended beyond geographical boundaries. Uman Partners leveraged their expertise in hiring across multiple geographies and languages, presenting us with a diverse pool of qualified candidates regardless of location. Finally, Uman Partners's knowledge of various analytics roles was awe-inspiring. They were adept at identifying candidates with the right skill sets, regardless of whether we needed a technical (e.g. Data Platform Architect), a scientific (e.g. Data Science Lead), or a strong business data profile (e.g. Product Manager). In short, Uman Partners took the pressure off our internal team and delivered exceptional results. We found the perfect candidates, and I have no doubt they can do the same for you.

Michał Boraczewski (Analytics & Data Science Director)

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