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Create a Group Data Office: Governance, Use Cases, Technology Foundations, Culture and Skills development


The Director of Data and Digital Innovation, acting CDO who had launched, organized and developed the agenda, had been called to the Executive Committee. The newly to be appointed CDO had to build further on this foundation, embodying and growing the initiative, bridge the siloes (with regards to business and IT), take it through the industrialization process, confirm that the first use cases identified deliver all the expected value before the next ones can be launched.


Chief Data Officer (CDO)


Under the leadership of its new CDO, the Data Office quickly grew from 15 to 50 employees to become the key partner of the businesses in their transformation. Quickly promoted to Chief Data & Digital Officer (100 employees), “our” candidate became 6 years after his recruitment the leader of the new MH Tech group, bringing together the former Data, Digital and IS departments and their 800 employees.

Our collaboration began in 2017 with the creation of a digital and data department. Uman Partners supported us in the creation of these new departments by making Malakoff Humanis aware of the data ecosystem and the recruitment of new data talents: Chief Data Officer, Head of Data Science, Data Scientist etc. The firm's commitment and professionalism in sourcing, qualifying, closing and monitoring the integration of its candidates were decisive.

David Giblas (Group COO)

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