Uman Partners is the first and unique international Executive Search company exclusively dedicated to Data and AI-driven functions and founded in 2012 by experienced data practitioners.


Industry 4.0, Digital Supply Chain, ERP, Sustainable Operations, Decarbonation, ESG, Digital Marketing, Pricing, Risk, Software Sales, HR Analytics, etc.

Because many professions have changed as a result of the Data and AI revolution, we are recruiting new talents who know how to create value by integrating these new tools into their functions, or for new functions that have emerged or are being accelerated by Data and AI: Industry 4.0, Digital Supply Chain, ERP, Sustainable Operations, Decarbonation, ESG, Digital Marketing, Client Marketing, Pricing, Risk, Software Sales, HR Analytics, etc.


Data & AI Change Management, Data Office (Chief Data Officer), Data/AI Product Management, Data Governance, Digital (Chief Digital Officer)

We recruit Chief Data Officers, Heads of Data Factory, Chief Data/AI Product Officers, Heads of Data Management & Governance… (and their teams) who define Data strategies, design roadmaps and lead AI/data-driven transformations.


Data Engineering, Data Architecture, ML/DataOps, Cloud Data Platform, Quantum Architecture

To bring algorithmic work and concepts to scale, turn them into products and to ultimately turn them into results, we recruit for our customers the best managers and technology expert who can architect and build data and AI platforms (CTOs, Heads of Data/AI Platform, Site Reliability Engineers, Senior Data Architects), data flows (Senior Data Engineers) and industrialize data scientist algorithms in the cloud (Chief ML/AIOps, ML Engineers).

We are also identifying the best Quantum Computing experts capable of designing the next-generation architectures supporting algorithms developed for quantum computers.


AI/GenAI, Data Science, Machine Learning, ML/AI Engineering, Sustainable AI, Quantum Computing (R&D)

We enable our customers to recruit the best Data Scientists experts in AI/GenAI, AI/Machine Learning Engineers (Chief, Head of, Senior…), with in-depth scientific experience and proven leadership skills, enabling them to build cutting-edge, actionable algorithmic solutions.

We are also identifying the best Quantum Computing scientists capable of designing the next-generation algorithms developed for quantum computers.


IT Change Management, Data-CIOs, Cloud Architecture, SRE

As IT Kpi’s must now be consistent and convergent with those of the Data/AI Factories, we are recruiting CIOs, Cloud Architects, Devops… capable of transforming legacy IT Departments to make them agile, API-enabled and manage their migration to the cloud.


Since 2012 Uman Partners supports the best Data and AI initiatives in Europe and EMEA, serving industry leaders, global/local corporations, scale-ups and (early) start-ups.

Our Partners are data professionals with a proven track record of running data and AI recruitments. They are the only Executive Search professionals bringing a solid expertise in the domain cumulating more than 500 consulting missions in data and AI across different functional domains, markets and levels.

Our day-to-day job is to nurture these Talents (who can be either candidates and/or customers) through different types of exchanges:

  • Broader career discussions triggered by Uman Partners or the Talent aiming at understanding expectations and potential career changes.
  • Job interviews duirng which Uman Partners documents in detail the mastery of leadership skills predictive of a candidate’s success in the position to be filled – while at the same time validating technical skills.
  • Regular touchpoints with customers during an assignment or outside this framework, to answer their questions about their organizations, their teams’ remuneration or any other benchmark they need.
  • Public events that bring together Data and AI professionals, in which Uman Partners participate as experts, jurors or speakers.
  • Or simply in a purely digital way, through the many interactions Uman Partners has on a daily basis via professional social networks.
  • Uman Partners’ databases enable us to capitalize on all these exchanges, while respecting current legislation on personal data management.

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