CSR policy

Uman Partners applies the following CSR policy:


Uman Partners’ staff limit their travel between its offices (Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt and Madrid) to what is strictly necessary and give preference to the train, which links each of these cities and allows a journey that is sometimes long but almost as productive as at the office.

Any company or service cars used by Uman Partners staff are 100% electric and are purchased (not leased) with a view to keeping them for a long time so as to minimise their carbon impact. They are not SUVs or other models with a very long carbon footprint.

Uman Partners’ offices are rented in co-working spaces that guarantee the best possible Building Environmental Quality (BEQ). The workspaces are deliberately small to limit their heating requirements.

The design of the Uman Partners website has been designed to limit energy consumption on screen. We still need to make an effort to reduce the energy consumed by its operation and hosting.

Uman Partners is limiting its presence on social networks and concentrating on LinkedIn.

Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities:

Uman Partners is a member of the A Compétence Egale association (https://acompetenceegale.com), which aims to :

  • To support recruiters, managers and the HR function, to optimise good practice, to help combat discrimination in the recruitment process and in career development, and to provide professionals with information and training.
  • To enable jobseekers to find information from our association, and to benefit from support from our member recruiters during dedicated meetings.
  • To mobilise the expertise of our members and outside bodies to set up working committees, initiate courses of action and develop new tools to anticipate and understand social issues related to our corporate purpose.

Uman Partners is particularly active in the association’s AI committee.

Uman Partners would like to increase the diversity and parity of its team! Come and join us!

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