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Recruit all Executives and Managers of the Data and AI Factory of a CAC 40 Group


In a very large global group with a weak data culture and a first CDO without a true team yet, recruit the key members of the management committee who will define the vision and further build and develop the team in the long term.


CDO, Heads of Data Science /Products/Data&AI Platorm. Around 35 senior positions seniors hired over seven years.


Growth of the Data/AI and digital organization to 200 people in 7 years under the current leadership of the first client placement by Uman Partners.. High adoption rate of Data and AI products. Very low turnover of resources in this AI factory.

Recruited by Uman Partners in 2017 in the emerging team of the Group's first CDO, I saw our data factory develop until I took over the team that expanded into digital in 2022 (200 people). During these 7 years, Uman Partners has supported us well beyond the 35 recruitments that the firm has made (including a CDO and all directors and managers): Uman Partners has been able to build coherent, united teams, which the firm followed over time, thus maximizing very high stability of resources (almost none left). Through their exhaustive vision of the market and its trends, Uman Partners adviced us on organizatiuon structure and the creation of new key positions accelerating significantly our maturity; Uman Partners also collaborated with our HR director to help him manage salary changes and evolutions for the Data & AI team in perfect balance within this very tense market.

M., Group Chief Data & Digital Officer


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